GrAT, Tengler

The project “Transferring Open Content on Energy-efficient Buildings” has adapted the core elements and the pedagogical approach from the open content platform e-genius ( to the partner countries Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania and Poland. The innovative e-genius learning platform, which has received numerous awards  was developed  in Austria by the Centre for Appropriate Technology (GrAT) at the Vienna University of Technology .

The relevant materials of e-genius were adapted, firstly, from the university level to the vocational education and training (VET) level and, secondly, to the national contexts and languages of the partner countries, by taking into account the European as well as national laws and regulations on energy-efficient buildings, the national pedagogical requirements for VET centres and  the regional and local construction types.

The project was focused on providing open content teaching and learning materials to national VET systems on the topics of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, renewable energy and building refurbishment, which reflected the immense scientific research results of the last years. The necessity of this topic was strengthened by the EU Directive of 2010 on the energy performance of buildings and national programs, which were adopted according to the European directive. The learning materials would prepare teachers and students/apprentices of VET centres to implement the goals of the EU Directive, in particular to ensure that by end 2020 all new buildings would be nearly zero-energy buildings.

The materials were edited in different formats for download and as learning paths for online learning and self-assessment.

The open content system allows the use and individual modification for teaching and learning purposes under the creative commons license (no commercial use).